Bastian Friborg
Entrance to the Danish parliament

What does the diplomatic scene in Denmark look like?

There are about 70 diplomatic missions in Denmark. Each embassy naturally has its ambassador and works for his country’s interests and relationship with Denmark.

As a Dane, I believe that most things work as they should in this country, and it is quite straightforward to work and live here. However…

Trump at Corona press conference

Wednesday, when Donald Trump addressed the American people, it was clear for everyone that he had no clue and no control.

The financial market reacted promptly and with no mercy. While the intention, no doubt, was to encourage and invigorate the people and the economy, the effect was the exact…

In 2016 we saw the rise of populism in the shape of Donald Trump in the United States. Donald Trump ran against a mainstream Democrat, Hillary Clinton, and won.

Donald Trump ran an extreme and highly populistic campaign filled with, as it later turned out, lies. He promised better healthcare…

Bastian Friborg

Consultant for businesses looking to gain footing in the politicalDenmark. Focus on the public and political Denmark.

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